I feel like the entire intent behind this post could be summed up with Charlotte Mason quotes: “Look on education as something between the child’s soul and God. Modern Education tends to look on it as something between the child’s brain and the standardized test.” Charlotte Mason My kids and I had a talk this […]

Spring Turkey 2021

Spring of 2021 was my first turkey season. To be honest, it was the first spring of my 33 years that I even had an awareness of turkeys. Between my jobs as mother, musician, student, and survival skills instructor, I was surprised I ever even found time to be in the woods! It’s definitely hard […]

Survival Friday

Every Friday, we have a home school field day. After finishing the basics, math, spelling, and reading, we move outside and work on our survival skills. This last week our focus was on winter fire building and just how much wood it takes to keep a fire lit. My kids are constantly amazed that the […]

Days of small things.

I’ve been realizing lately the importance of the days of small things. I won’t remember every one of these days, one is much like the next, but I know that each one is shaping my children into the people they are growing into. Each day is full of opportunity to teach them, help them, and […]

Of fire, loss, and poppyseed coated boule.

I promise, I will soon be posting more than just bread. But… it’s winter. It’s cold outside, and man, I’ve had a stressful week. Baking for me is a retreat to normalcy, easily achieved outcomes of beauty and deliciousness, and a task I can complete. As I watch some of my dearest friends walk through […]

What to do with sourdough heels?

It may be a question that has never crossed your mind… but on the off chance that it has, here is my favorite answer: bread crumbs! I save all the end pieces (heels) of our bread loaves in a bag in the freezer and once the bag is full, I pull it out and throw […]

Why I love the trad bow.

Traditional archery has been of the best things I have learned in my adult life. Not only has it been an absolute blast to learn, but the community has been amazing! I have found people in the traditional archery community both in person and online that I believe will now be lifelong friends. My first […]

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life”.

I got my sourdough culture as a dehydrated little teaspoon package back in 2013. I started hydrating it right away and right when I was ready to bake with it, I couldn’t find it anywhere! I asked my husband and he told me he thought it was left over pancake batter from breakfast so he […]

Disposable Mindset

One of the trends that I have noticed in myself and society in general is a disposable mindset: we have disposable storage containers, plastic bags, and cheap replacements for things that wear out. We get a new disposable plastic shopping bag every time we go to the store (unless we have the foresight to bring […]

Why Renaissance Woman?

I decided on Renaissance Woman because I could not find my niche. I wanted to talk about baking bread, wood carving, hunting, archery, homeschooling, and more. There was a title in old Italy, the renaissance man (also called Universal Man) and it was an ideal that developed in Renaissance Italy by Leon Battista Alberti (1404–72), […]


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