I am going to be using this space to promote makers that are preserving some of the old ways of doing things by using their hands and their skills (or simply a small business that I want to support). I am not affiliated with anyone and I don’t get a commission if you buy from them. This is my way of helping you find real, made in the USA products. I will be updating this list often and please let me know if you would like to be added to the list.

Pottery: – Amazing hand thrown mugs, top quality and beautiful designs! – Simple and beautiful pottery with clean lines and gorgeous finishes.

Tools and knives: – Handforged carving knives, I own three from Del and they are my favorite!

Homegoods: Amazing hand carved spoons! His work is the best you will find anywhere. – Candles -Rolling pins, pens, and more. – Soaps and organic products but also ethically raised beef, pork, and so much more!

Gifts and Jewelry: – Autumn makes some amazing jewelry, this is a must see site!

Archery supplies and bows: – Bow quivers and more, Selway is the only bow quiver I will ever need. Great product! – Custom bowyer specializing in short and quick longbows. – Beautiful custom bows. – Custom bows including amazing children’s bows at affordable prices. – Quivers, tabs, even hats and soaps! These guys are legit homesteaders!