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Below is a photo diary of the stages of making sourdough!

A healthy starter before feeding.
Course, fresh ground spelt flour that I use to build my levain.
Building a levain.
A levain that is ready to start baking with.
A wet, shaggy dough that is ready to sit for the autolyse before adding salt.
Dough after adding salt that has been resting for an hour and is ready for a stretch and fold.
Mid stretch and fold.
Stretched, folded, and ready to rest again.
A nicely formed boule that has been shaped, rested, and is ready for scoring.
I coated this loaf with a mix of water and egg whites to prepare for a special coating.
Next, I sprinkled poppyseed onto the coated loaf.
Next step is scoring. Keep in mind that the bread needs to expand, so cut the scoring lines in places you want the bread to grow. If you don’t score deep enough or in a place that bread needs to expand, it will find a weak spot in the dough and blow out through it creating a misshapen (still tasty) loaf.
Removing the lid after 30 mins covered baking at 475F
Finished loaves after another 10 minutes of browning without the lid at 475F.